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Aswathy Srinivas Rank 40

“I spent a very brief period at civil service academy in early 2016. It helped me get an initial understanding about the exam and also gave me an opportunity to interact with great teachers like Philip sir, Vijayan sir &Nandakumar sir.
The interview panel arranged by the Academy which included DrDivyaIyer mam, Umesh sir, Mary George mam was very beneficial for my interview preparation. The feedbacks were very insightful with great attention to detail.
Thanking the Academy from the bottom of my heart for giving me that opportunity.

SafnaNazarudeen Rank 45

"I had attended the foundation course at State Civil Service Academy during my first year of college. I am thankful for the guidance I got there which helped me in my preparation at later stages."

Sarath Sankar 113

"Kerala State Civil Service Academy’s classes were instrumental for me in setting up a base regarding how and what to study for civil services. The expert faculty group including Shyamaprasad sir, Bhuvanachndran sir, Jagadish sir and others helped me immensely in understanding basic concepts and clearing doubts. Since the admission to the academy was based on an entrance test, I was fortunate to get good study group at the academy. I would like to thank Kerala State Civil Service Academy for my achievement."

Malavika G Nair 118

‘I found the guidance there to kick start my preparation. The library facility was my lifeline at that time for materials.It provided a peaceful environment to focus on studies which is vital in the day to day life of an aspirant.’

Anoop S 299

‘The six month programme of the academy helped in setting a solid foundation on which I could build my further preparation on, particularly in the subject of Polity and Economics. I had also been part of the interview guidance programme. The exposure to acclaimed civil servants and academician helped me to face my interview on a solid footing.’

Shahul Hameed 388

Being an employed person, Kerala State Civil Service Academy’s evening classes for civil service examination helped me to kick-start my preparation. The academy with its experienced faculty created a sense of confidence in cracking the examination.’

Shaheen C 396

I started my journey with Kerala State Civil Service Academy by joining prelims batch 2017.I joined Zoology under Ravi Shankar Sir at the academy. He is a great teacher and mentor who supported me all through these years. I will always be thankful to Kerala State Civil Service Academy.’

Hassan Usaid N 542

‘The facilities provided by Kerala State Civil Service Academy is of top class. The environment created by the academy is best for overall development of the candidate. The role played by the academy in my success is unquestionable.'

John George Dcoutho 614

' Ihad attended the inaugural PCM batch and the coaching here helped me clear the prelims and interview in my first attempt. The current affairs notes provided by the academy are par excellence and they have been a primary source for both my prelims and mains preparation. The faculty and staff are extremely cordial.'

Mridul Darsan 622

‘I had attended the prelims foundation course at Kerala State Civil Service Academy. The classes were interesting and engaging.The foundation that the course laid helped me in the later stages of my preparation.’

Rahul R- Rank 803

‘The support provided by the academy during the interview preparation stage was commendable. The open sessions and particularly the mock interviews were of great help. These platforms provided a great opportunity to mould me better.’